HTTP Proxy

JSON Reference


This is typically used to get through a HTTP proxy server.

There is a single inline string value parameter:

  • TCP Endpoint - an address, a : character, and a port. The address can be a DNS hostname, direct IPv4 address, or direct IPv6 address.




  • Activation Phase = Top Down

  • Type = Step

  • Stream Interaction = One Off

  • Network terminating = No

  • JSON Value Type = inline string

  • Initiator = No

External HTTP-Proxy-Server

The HTTP Proxy server is not directly implemented. Consider using Operator instead. The HTTP-Proxy-ReverseClient duct point is currently designed to work with an external HTTP Proxy server.


The client sends the following text data to the proxy server

CONNECT {0} HTTP/1.1\r\n

Where {0} is the TCP Endpoint text that has been directly provided in the JSON configuration of the client duct point.