Provision a server

In this section of the guide, you'll provision a new virtual server with Vultr, and note down the IP address of that new server.

We like Vultr‚Äč

Any hardware or virtual machine should be fine, as long as it supports Ubuntu 18.04 or higher. For this guide, we use Vultr for Virtual Machine. We provide specialised instructions with Vultr in mind.

Full disclosure: We geniunely prefer and use Vultr in many situations, and would have organically included Vultr instructions, however they have an affiliate program, and we include our own affiliate link wherever we link to Vultr. We earn $10 per unique paid user referred.

Provisioning a cloud virtual machine

Navigate to with your web browser

Vultr Home Page

Create an account

Sign-up screen

Setup a payment method in the Billing section

Billing section with a credit-card set up

Navigate to the New Server screen, clicking Servers on the left, and the plus icon

Choose a location

The available locations for a virtual Vultr server

For Server Type, select Ubuntu 18.04 or higher

You should select the most recent Ubuntu version that's available

For Server Size, the smallest will work and it can be upgraded

The smallest server size is selected for this guide

For Additional Features, make sure you tick Enable IPv6, it's so easy, and it's harder to do it manually later. It's up to you if you woul dlike to enable backups or anything else.

So easy

Set the Server hostname and label, if you have a DNS name in mind, you can use that

You can easily change the label later, but the hostname isn't so easy.

Click Deploy Now, you'll see the following while it sets up

This should take 1-5 mins

It will say "Running", when it's ready

This is a test, I deleted it after, so I didn't blur the IP

Click on the label of the server, in this case "my_dull_test" to open the server details. You'll see a whole page, but the most important is the following:

Click the eye icon to see the password, and the copy button is handy too for copying the IP address and the password.

The server is now provisioned and ready to install Dull