Link with a VPN



You love using Dull on your support machine, but one of your clients would like you to connect to a machine using their VPN system. VPNs are clunky, and they aren't easy to audit on your support side. In this case, the settings to connect via Windows are tedious and complicated. Support staff come and go, and this tedious setup would usually waste hours in setup, testing, and troubleshooting.


The VPN connection will be made on a cloud server, and Dull will be used to route through that server. This Ubuntu machine is fully configurable and easily connects to the VPN server. You only need to set this up once for a team of support staff. This means you can connect to the customer resources transparently, log and control access internally, and automatically reconnect as you change between LAN/WLAN/Cellular networks.

Server updates to the Meet server

VPN client - something like this‚Äč

Then you'll need to set up a Network Gateway tunnel configuration on that server

Updates to support machine config files

Finally, to access each remote service, create a new line in the config file